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Called the “dean of corporate Chief Privacy Officers” by Inter@ctive Week Magazine and called a leading advocate for ethical e-commerce by the New York Times online edition, Ray Everett-Church is an internationally recognized authority in the law and policy of privacy, electronic commerce, and online marketing. As the creator of the Chief Privacy Officer position, a role that is rapidly becoming common in many major corporations (including Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Bank of America, Verizon, and American Express), Ray is an acknowledged expert in corporate and e-commerce privacy-related risk management and strategy. As an attorney and management consultant, he has counseled emerging and established companies on many technology issues. As a political operative, he has a strong reputation among leading technology policymakers and thought leaders.

Ray currently serves as Director of Policy for Habeas, Inc., a pioneering firm in the email Reputation Service Provider industry.

Areas of Expertise:

Since creating the corporate Chief Privacy Officer position in 1999 – a position that has been adopted by dozens of Fortune 500 firms – Ray has continued to be firmly established at the forefront of privacy issues facing financial, e-commerce, and healthcare firms. Ray helped to found the leading professional society for Privacy Officers. Ray has advised major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) under the auspices of the International Computer Security Association. His private clients have included Pharmacia (healthcare and e-commerce), Intuit, Inc. (financial services and e-commerce), PrivaSeek, Inc. (privacy technology), (e-commerce), and Coremetrics, Inc. (online data collection). He regularly speaks on privacy issues facing e-commerce, financial services, and healthcare firms, and has strong relationships with the world’s leading privacy advocates. In 1999 he served as an expert witness for Microsoft Corporation in email-related litigation, and in 2001 he served as a pre-trial expert witness on privacy issues for Napster, Inc.

Government Affairs & Public Policy
With nearly 15 years of experience as a political operative, Ray has a record of accomplishment establishing a firm’s position at the forefront of the legislative and regulatory issues through developing effective lobbying and issue management campaigns on the state, federal, and international level, including managing in-house staff and outside counsel. Leveraging strong bi-partisan relationships, Ray has helped to shepherd legislation from introduction, through committees, and to floor passage. Ray also organized one of the largest fundraisers of the 2000 election season, featuring a personal visit by President Clinton to the home of his firm’s CEO.

Legal Counsel
As an attorney (licensed in Maryland), Ray has managed a self-procured client base consisting of high-tech start-up companies, ISPs, and Internet-based ventures. He has specific experience counseling clients on all aspects of Internet-based activities including webcasting, copyright and trademark issues, advertising and co-branding agreements, software licensing agreements, regulatory compliance, and development of Terms of Service agreements and Privacy Policies.

Technology Management
Ray has counseled numerous clients on a variety of technology management issues, including: hand-on analysis and risk assessments relating to mail and newsgroup operations; supporting security staff investigations of “hacking” and fraud incidents; coordination with outside counsel for email-related litigation; infrastructure acquisition and implementation; successful proposal development and subsequent project management and legal support for government and private sector projects; and negotiation of contracts for e-commerce, licensing, marketing partnerships, and government procurement. Clients have included: America Online, CompuServe, National Association of Home Builders, and the NAHB Research Center.

Media Relations & Communications
Ray is co-author of Internet Privacy for Dummies (Wiley Publishing, Inc.). He has written and edited dozens of articles for industry and trade publications in various issue areas. He has also written or edited hundreds of press releases, media advisories, and designed many well-received web sites and media briefing materials. With extensive experience as a media spokesman for companies, political campaigns, and advocacy organizations, Ray has strong relationships with many reporters on technology-related beats. These relationships have helped him to leverage a reputation as a trusted news source for the benefit of clients and employers.

As a frequently requested speaker at over a dozen seminars, training programs, and major industry conferences each year, Ray has also testified before the US House of Representatives, US Senate, Federal Trade Commission, and the California Assembly. Ray serves on numerous Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards for e-commerce firms and advocacy groups. Ray proudly serves as a member of the advisory committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus and the National Advisory Council of the George Washington University School of Engineering. He manages the high-profile email discussion lists Cyberia-L and Cybertelecom-L, both hosted on

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