Felix & Tiki

Here are the boys: Felix and Tiki. They are Oriental shorthaired cats (also described as "extreme Siamese" in the cat encyclopedia). They are brothers from the same litter, born March 13, 1991. Their previous owner developed a terrible allergy and had to give them up for adoption. We found them at Pets In Need, a wonderful "no-kill" shelter in Redwood City, CA. Here are some pictures of them. Felix (black) is a little camera-shy, so there are a few more of Tiki (sealpoint).(Posted: March 2000)

Update Feb. 14, 2006: Today we lost Tiki. Please visit my blog for more about this sad news.

Newer and more recent pictures can be found here.

This is actually an unaltered picture (except for some cropping).
The digital camera's flash happened to capture the devils that truly lurk within them.